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17 September 2010 @ 12:50 pm
Hoping to see more of you submitting so we don't have a winner by default!

Write a submission about where your character was on the day in that fateful Summer when the Earth first passed through Wormwood. Write about your character's experience, wherever they were and whatever they were doing.

Reminder from the official History of Lost Angels

In the summer of 2032, after it already seemed the human race was in its darkest hour, the Armageddon of religious prophecy began. The Earth itself, passing through the tail of a massive comet named Wormwood, was enshrouded in several months of near total darkness and burning hydrocarbon fire and huge cometary fragments cascaded through the sky, blasting the cities and the landscapes of the world and setting the them afire again. In the chaos that ensued, the first gates from Hell opened and the demons poured through ravenously, killing humans and immortals without care or preference, and the wars began again with all the factions fighting each other and the demons on all sides.

During the onslaught, a great trump was sounded, and the skies caught aflame from horizon to horizon, and down from heaven came the Angels of God, bearing the flaming swords of justice and riding velocipedes into battle...flying through the skies with holy vengence, they fell upon the demons, fighting them in a timeless battle between good and evil on the very streets of Earth itself.

Humanity raised its hands in supplication, crying out to be saved by the angels, taken up to heaven and saved by the Rapture, but the Angels just passed them by, the fight between God and Lucifer having absolutely nothing to do with humans after all.

Submit your entries on this journal as a separate post. If you do not have a livejournal you can either contact me with your post or you can post using the 'community' account colastories. The password is: number1 .

1. Log in using the user name colastories and the password number1 . Wait for the ad to end (or click the x in the right corner of the ad to end it yourself).

2. Click 'post' in the top left corner (next to your user pic, the word Home is below it & the world Messages is next to it). Your Subject will be the name of your fic.

3. Head your entry with your inworld name. Without this I cannot award you any prizes
Make sure you are posting IN THE COMMUNITY ourcolastories up top above your subject line. There is a drop down area where you can pick it!
Paste your entry in the box. Remember to use a lj-cut!! Go to the rules post here to learn how to make an lj-cut!! DO NOT FORGET TO CLOSE YOUR CUT AS WELL AT THE END OF YOUR ENTRY

4. Do not: add tags; change the mood, location, music; change any of the settings that say journal default. Make sure it says "Show this entry to: Everyone (Public)" and then click "post to ourcolastories".

5. Done! From here you will be able to view the updated journal, view the entry, edit the entry, etc.!

Winners will be announced on 9/24. You have until then to get your entry in for this contest.

Good luck and hope to see a lot of you out there giving this a go! If it is successful I will keep it up & the more interest the bigger the prizes get!!
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