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11 September 2015 @ 12:59 am
Contest Rules  
Welcome to Our CoLA Stories. The city of Lost Angels is an amazing community of incredibly talented writers. The characters there are fleshed out a much as they're constantly bleeding out, proving that backstory and thought is as important as your CCS level. If not infinitely moreso.

This community was created for an ongoing monthly contest of character fiction. This contest is intended to bring out the writer in all of us. Allow us to see the writing style of people we might not interact with in the city during normal RP. Give us an opportunity to learn new and exciting things about characters we thought we've known entirely prior. To celebrate the creative geniuses behind the avatars.

This sticky post is the rules of the contest. There will be a new contest up about once a month. Each contest will have a theme. The rules are not up to interpretation. This post is written before the first run of the contest. If needed, these rules may change in the future but I will not change things without notifying everyone.

Standard Disclaimer: CoLA does not belong to me, it's brilliant story and everything within it is the creative property of Suzanna Soyinka and her team. This contest is in no way CCS related and you cannot gain XP from this contest. The stories posted here are 100% the creative property of the respective authors and may at no time be reposted anywhere else without their consent. Suz, CoLA's staff, or anyone else from CoLA are not involved in this contest in any way. Any opinions or views expressed are entirely mine and do not reflect on Suz, CoLA, Secondlife, or ANYONE/THING but me.

The winner of the contest will get a prize of 1500L! All entrants will get a graphic and top 3 outside of the winner will get a custom graphic of their choice (CoLA related or not).


• There will be one winner to each contest. The prize is 1500L.

• All entrants will get a graphic (by me) for entering. Entrants get a 100x100 icon. Top 3 beyond first prize get a graphic of their choosing ((banner/larger icon/wallpaper/etc)) custom made to their avatar or any other subject they would like.

• Only one author per fic, please. If you and a friend want to work together why not write the scene as individuals to give us a more complex view of it?

• All entries have a 500 word count minimum. But that is just a minimum...you may write as long of an entry as you want

• Spelling counts. Sentence structure counts. Grammar helps but I won't be rigid about it. Netspeak is 100% not allowed. All entries must be in English. Sorry, it is the only language I know.

• There is a public livejournal created just for this community for anyone who does not want to bother creating one. colastories is the username and the password is number1 . You have full posting access. All IP addresses are logged and if anyone does anything to try to alter the journal itself or any other entries they will be banned from any contests. Period. This journal can also be used for anyone who wants to post comments on other people's stories

• Any questions don't hesitate to ask me. Here on livejournal I'm readywreadywit and in world I'm Erinnic Hitendra. My email is ohnoitserin@gmail.com and if you try to contact me there please put Cola Stories in your subject line.

• Any information you get from reading these fics is 100% OOC and you do not know this information in character!!

• People are encouraged to join the community to read posts & comment on them even if they are not planning on submitting a fic themselves.

• I am the sole judge of the contest. I vow to be 100% honest & impartial in my final decisions. I am not here to favor anyone. If it was like that I'd just give the $$ to my friends and be done with it. I promote good writing, no matter where it comes from

• All fics are meant to be written from your character's perspective. If you are involving other people's characters in your fic it is very important to make sure they are okay with it. They work just as hard, maybe even harder, than you on making their character who they are and you must respect that.

• Canon applies. The CoLA canon is clearly demonstrated in Suz's History of CoLA . Click the link to read the history if you haven't already.

• Just like CoLA itself, adult situations are both acceptable and almost a guarantee from some of those out there. If you are uncomfortable with adult situations this is not the place for you.

• Posts may only have 1 picture. No more. If the picture is not under a lj-cut it must be 200 pixels wide or less.


• All posts must be under a lj-cut. I will be constantly monitoring and cleaning up lj-cuts when I can for those who are unfamiliar with livejournal. If you want to know what a lj-cut is and how to use it, please click here to learn how to make and close a livejournal cut.



1. Why Livejournal?
-- Livejournal is stable at all times. The CoLA forums are going to be moved soon so starting there could not ultimately work out. Also, Livejournal will essentially allow posts to go on as long as they have to.

2. Why are you the only judge?
-- Cause the Lindens are coming out of my meager pocket. This is my brainchild.

3. Can I offer suggestions to make this run better?
-- Yes! Please! I'm still working out the kinks myself! But understand that I may not take said suggestion.

4. Will the prize ever get bigger or change?
-- The more popular this becomes the better the prizes will get!

5. What's in it for you? Really?
-- I am NOT getting paid for this in any way. Any ads you see are livejournal's deal and I don't get a single red cent from it. In fact, part of the reason the prize is so small is because I'm paying it myself. & I'm a broke ass. I just wanted to have a fun way to read people's writing & get people thinking about their characters in a new way.

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