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City of Lost Angels Character Fiction

City of Lost Angels Character Fiction
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Secondlife Dark Roleplay Character Fiction for the City of Lost Angels
Standard Disclaimer: CoLA does not belong to me, it's brilliant story and everything within it is the creative property of Suzanna Soyinka and her team. This contest is in no way CCS related and you cannot gain XP from this contest. The stories posted here are 100% the creative property of the respective authors and may at no time be reposted anywhere else without their consent. Suz, CoLA's staff, or anyone else from CoLA are not involved in this contest in any way. Any opinions or views expressed are entirely mine and do not reflect on Suz, CoLA, Secondlife, or ANYONE/THING but me.


This is a site for entries for CoLA character fiction contests. Readers are encouraged to come by & comment to support the amazing writers within!


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